Celebrating CIHR’s Faces of Health Research

Drs. Shannon Scott and Lisa Hartling

Each year, over 2.3 million children visit hospital emergency departments in Canada. Many of these visits are for minor conditions that could be treated at home or in other settings.   Closing the research-practice gap is fundamental to improving the efficiency of health care delivery to children and their families. Dr. Shannon Scott and Dr. … Read more

Spotlight on Shannon Scott: Empowering Parents through Research-Based Evidence

Shanon Scott CRC Chair, Evidence in Child Health to improve Outcomes (ECHO)

Dr. Shannon Scott uses the power of stories to ensure that up-to-date research on child health is placed in the hands of parents, families, healthcare professionals, and policy-makers. Parents want to be involved in their children’s healthcare, and in order to be included, access to the latest research that is easy to understand has to … Read more

Dr. Shannon Scott Distinguished Researcher

  Officially announced on September 10, 2018, seven top researchers will be able to take their work in children’s health to the next level, thanks to a $5-million gift from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, and support from the University of Alberta & Alberta Health Services.   Dr. Shannon Scott and co-investigator Dr. Lisa Hartling are among the seven … Read more

Alumni Innovation Award

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Shannon Scott was awarded a University of Alberta Alumni Innovation Award with Dr. Lisa Hartling for their work with TREKK (Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids).    Congratulations Shannon and Lisa!! Get to know our team Get to know our collaborators ECHO The ECHO research program is focused on improving … Read more

Canada Research Chair (Tier II) Renewal

We are happy to announce that Dr. Shannon Scott has once again been awarded the Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Translation for Child Health!    Huge congratulations to all the other CRC Award Holders, especially those at the University of Alberta. We are pleased to be working among such distinguished colleagues! ECHO The ECHO research … Read more

Knowledge translation – using what we know!

“The purpose of knowledge translation in children’s health care is to make sure that the decisions that are being made are informed by the latest research.” – Dr. Shannon Scott     Using what we know: bringing evidence and practice to parents.     This article was featured in the winter 2009–2010 edition of the … Read more

Shannon Scott, Awarded Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40

  In 2009, Dr. Shannon Scott was honoured with an Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 Award for “being a star in the new field of knowledge translation.” Get to know the rest of our team! ECHO The ECHO research program is focused on improving health outcomes for children with acute health conditions through the application … Read more


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Physical treatments can include physiotherapy, prescribed exercise plans, strengthening exercises, massage, and more. 

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