Getting childhood health research into the hands of parents

Shanon Scott CRC Chair, Evidence in Child Health to improve Outcomes (ECHO)

Featured in the Faculty of Nursing Research Report 2021-2022, Dr. Shannon Scott and Dr. Lisa Hartling talk about their innovative research programs in child health. 


It’s midnight. Your four-year old is congested and struggling to breathe, with a barky cough. What do you do? 


Many parents experience situations like that, and it’s terrifying. Edmonton researchers Lisa Hartling and Shannon Scott have devoted much of their careers to making sure parents have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their children’s health in a crisis.

To check out the resources Dr. Shannon Scott and Dr. Lisa Hartling have developed, visit our resources page.


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Physical treatments can include physiotherapy, prescribed exercise plans, strengthening exercises, massage, and more. 

Psychological treatments can include counselling or talk therapy, supportive therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, mediation, and more. They can be provided on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting.