Is your child suffering from constipation?

*Please note this phase of the study is now complete and we are no longer looking for participants. 


Is your child suffering from constipation? We want to hear from you!


Your child may be suffering from constipation if they have 2 or more of the following:

  • 2 or fewer poops in the toilet per week (at 4 years of age)
  • Has accidents or stains in his or her underwear
  • Holds his or her poops
  • Hard or painful poops
  • Large poops that plug the toilet
  • Does not have another medical condition that causes constipation


We are currently seeking to interview parents to better understand how health professionals can support families affected by childhood constipation.

One of our researchers (a Nurse Practitioner) is conducting interviews with parents to talk about experiences caring for a child with constipation and encounters with the health care system. Interviews will be 30-60 minutes, and all information gathered will be kept confidential and private. Participants will receive a $25 Walmart giftcard. Please contact us to find out more!


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