The ECHO research program is focused on improving health outcomes for children by developing arts-based health resources for parents and families about common childhood conditions.

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2021/07/22 @ 15:19
We understand parents have a lot to say about their child’s health and we want to hear your voices!

Visit or email pedadvgp to find out how you can join our Pediatric Parents’ Advisory Group (P-PAG).
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2021/07/08 @ 14:19
Always grateful for the enduring support from @WCHRIUofA @StolleryKids so that we can make it easier for families make decisions when their children are sick @lisa_hartling @arche4evidence #powerofresearch echoKTresearch photo
2021/06/28 @ 12:01
To check verity of health resources that have been developed in collaboration with our partners, funders, and parents' groups and to learn about common childhood illnesses, visit our tools page echoKTresearch photo