The ECHO research program is focused on improving health outcomes for children with acute health conditions through the application of the best available evidence - a process known as knowledge translation (KT).

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2019/01/15 @ 5:09
Exciting Opportunity! Want to attend the @KTCanada Scientific Meeting May 30-31, 2019? Our friends at @AbSPORU_KT are offering travel support for Alberta-based grad students to attend. For more info & to apply, go to
2019/01/14 @ 5:42
This year’s @KTCanada scientific meeting will be on May 30-31 in #Winnipeg, Manitoba! Abstract submissions are due February 3, learn more here | echoKTresearch photo
2019/01/14 @ 5:42
Symptoms of #gastroenteritis include watery diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and fever. Check out this ebook for information on managing your child’s gastroenteritis | @echoKTresearch @arche4evidence echoKTresearch photo