The ECHO research program is focused on improving health outcomes for children with acute health conditions through the application of the best available evidence - a process known as knowledge translation (KT).

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2019/04/25 @ 8:33
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2019/04/24 @ 11:09
Needle pokes can be stressful for children. You can help manage their stress by blowing bubbles, listening to music or singing a song, reading a book, or playing a game. Watch our video for more tips | @echoKTresearch / @arche4evidence @WHO @ImmunizedotCa echoKTresearch photo
2019/04/24 @ 10:07
DYK itโ€™s #WorldImmunizationWeek? Children can be scared of needle pokes, but holding your child may comfort them. Try the bear hug or the kangaroo hold. Watch our video to learn more | @TREKKca / @echoKTresearch / @arche4evidence echoKTresearch photo