The ECHO research program is focused on improving health outcomes for children with acute health conditions through the application of the best available evidence - a process known as knowledge translation (KT).

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2019/10/10 @ 7:17
#AlbertaRN Shannon Scott uses the power of stories to ensure that up-to-date research on child health is placed in the hands of parents, families, healthcare professionals, and policy-makers.
2019/10/09 @ 12:05
Girls are unscripted.
Girls are unstoppable.
Girls can do any - and every - thing!

#DayoftheGirl @UNICEF
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2019/10/09 @ 11:49
#UAlbertaNursing Professor, @WCHRIUofA member, & #StolleryScienceLab Distinguished Researcher Shannon Scott empowers parents through research-based evidence:

Article featured in @UAlbertaNursing Fall 2019 Alumni Magazine!

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